A very common cause of low back pain is Sacroiliac joint dysfunction. 

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction is often confused with Sciatica as it can present
as pain in the low back, with referred pain to the back of the thigh/leg.
Normally caused by poor posture, leg length changes, pregnancy, overuse 
or occupational (excessive sitting/bending).

SI joint dysfunction can be treated effectively with Chiropractic care. 
Chiropractors can help improve mobility and function and 
reduce inflammation/pain. 

Modalities of treatment include manipulation, mobilisation, 
posture advice, soft tissue techniques and core stability.

Rehabilitation is very important once pain has eased and at 
Neath Port Talbot Chiropractic clinic, we use "The big 3" core exercises which 
Prof Stuart McGill has found evidence to support use of 
these exercises in stabilising the lumbo pelvic area, 
therefore preventing reoccurrence of SIJ dysfunction.

If you think you may be suffering with Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction,
 give Neath Port Talbot Chiropractors a call to arrange a consultation.