You can easily get confused on whether to choose a Physio or a Chiropractor in Port Talbot for low back pain, muscle injuries, headache and sports injuries. Both professions deal with those problems, albeit in somewhat different methods.

Though we clearly belong to the chiropractic industry, we at Neath Port Talbot Chiropractic Clinic consider physiotherapists good partners in delivering care to patients and improving their wellbeing. We will be able to help decide on whether to choose a physiotherapist or chiropractor for your health concerns.

The main differences between a Physio and Chiropractor

Though both professions treat the similar health concerns, there are clear differences between a physio and a chiropractor. Both use physical, hands on manual therapy soft tissue techniques, but think of the chiropractor as a ‘specialist’ of the spine and pelvis.

At Neath Port Talbot chiropractic Clinic we focus on the alignment of the spine and pelvis and its effect on the nervous system. We use chiropractic adjustments to the spine and pelvis to re-align the spine and pelvis, take pressure off the nervous system and help balance out the muscular system.

Chiropractors view the health problem in more holistic manner. Aside from assessing the spine itself, the chiropractor also examines things like alignment with the pelvis, the shoulders, and standing and sitting postures. On the other hand, physiotherapists often use range-of-motion exercises, stretching and electrotherapy to address health conditions.

What is Chiropractic manipulation / adjustment?

You can expect our chiropractor at Neath & Port Talbot Chiropractic Clinic to provide the best , scientifically proven adjustments to improve your overall posture and health.

Chiropractic manipulation is a term for several techniques that applies sudden calculated force to your spine. The chiropractor uses his or her hands to do spinal manipulation, or use the help of simple hand tools.

Most people have compressed spots in their spine that adds too much load on the joints resulting to abnormal wear and tear. It puts pressure on the nerves and muscles, resulting to pain and immobility. The goal is to bring the spine back into alignment to remove compression so you can find relief from pain.

Spinal manipulation can be surprising to first timers. The initial reaction is often slightly uncomfortable but the whole thing should not hurt. You will feel a release of tension afterwards.

Can I choose a Chiropractic clinic to treat sports injuries

Absolutely yes! You can choose to go to a chiropractic clinic for sports injuries. Our chiropractors at Neath Port Talbot Chiropractic Clinic are also qualified to treat and rehabilitate sports-related injuries. We can create a specific treatment plan personalised to each patient to tailor unique needs and treatment goals with proven combination of chiropractic, sports therapy, acupuncture and massage.

What are the other health problems chiropractors treat?

You can go to Neath & Port Talbot Chiropractic Clinic to find relief from low and acute back pain, sciatica, tension headaches, vertigo, posture problems and other musculoskeletal problems.