NPT Chiropractic Clinic Consultation

The Initial appointment with your Chiropractor normally takes between 45-60 minutes, where a thorough examination is carried out. This involves asking relevant questions related to your general medical history and also questions related specifically to the problem. Following history taking (when we have a good idea what we are dealing with) we will then carry out a physical examination, assessing the movement of joints/muscles, testing nerves and other relevant medical and orthopaedic testing.

NPT Chiropractic Clinic Report of Findings

Before treatment is given (providing no further tets/X-rays are required), the patient is sat down and examination findings are discussed. At this point we will tell each patient exactly what is wrong and how we can help you.

NPT Chiropractic Clinic Follow up treatments:

Follow up treatments take approximately 15 minutes. You are told in the first visit how many treatments we think you will need. We have found from a recent file audit, that 90% of our patients showed >80% improvement in 4 or less treatments!

Treatment normally involves manipulation/mobilisation of joints to restore normal range of movement, soft tissue techniques to relax down muscles and expert advice.

As we move along in the treatment plan the aim is to see you less and less over time and give you the advice and exercises you need to maintain improvements and prevent a re-occurrence of symptoms. We always use the latest evidence when giving patients advice, so that we know what we are giving you has been tried and tested!

Working on all the joints of the body, concentrating particularly on the spine, chiropractors use their hands to make often gentle, specific adjustments (manipulations) and other joint and soft-tissue therapies, as well as giving exercises, and health and lifestyle advice, to help support the body’s natural ability to heal.

NPT Chiropractic Clinic Specialist Services Include:

Functional Rehabilitation involves improving strength, conditioning and coordination of an area of dysfunction. With highly specialised rehabilitation, you can recover and return to full function faster and prevent future relapses.

Focuses on improving the function of your spine and pelvis, helping your nervous system and muscular system to function at its best.

Applied Kinesiology (Proprioceptive Muscle Testing) examines the patient’s nervous system and identifies any and all weaknesses which make you vulnerable to injury. This diagnostic technique system based on anatomy, neurology and physiology uncovers the best solution for that patient at that time to correct any dysfunction within the neuromuscular system.